2014: A Year to Dare Africa

A bright future lies ahead
for the bring ;inds!

Africa, this beautiful continent, mother of civilisations awakes. Not that she fell asleep on her own will, no, but through a drowsiness induced by the morphines and sedatives of slavery, colonisation and organised miseducation. Now, here she wakes up in full force, shaking the centuries of indoctrination that were intended to make her forget her greatness. And she lets her black natural hair glitter in the morning sun.

Today, aware of her heritage, and without anger, Africa proclaims Afrocentrism as a new way for her children to reach globalisation, Afrocentrism as an arrow pointing at the rainbow sky shown by her ancestors, the likes of Nelson Mandela, now gone to Pemba, a new way for African cultures to shine again.

And the African voice is cheerful but determined, friendly but with a purpose coated with gold. It sounds like a melodious gospel in the choire of nations.

The thousand and one tribes have put on their most beautiful African fabrics and stitch together African, European, Asian, Latin Americas and Caribbean fashion, getting ready for the great wedding of styles. You understood well: Africa has comes to teach the world Sapology!

African fashion dresses. Beautifull dresses for colorful Queens!

African fashion for Men! Yes brother, we think about you too!

Worldwide we are witnessing the emergence of African fashions, beauty products for black women and black men, products for natural afro hair: Pride of African origins is a good thing and more people in the world are looking for authentic African fabrics.

In this year 2014, we wish to salute the African designers, creators of projects working with African fabrics, African designers  and African cosmetics manufacturers, those celebrating black beauty through their blogs. It is this spirit that will make our beloved African continent prosperous, open to a world without exploitation. This spirit will bring African development forward and enable a sustainable development, with many jobs.

We would also like to encourage African people everywhere in the whole wide world, those who wear that beautiful black, cream, God given skin with all the shades of gold to DARE AFRICA. Whatever people say, don’t worry, at Mayasi we say: Colours suit you so well!

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