A search for outstanding African Designers

Mayasi is the story of a search. In our search of talented African designers, we came across outstanding creators who dedicate themselves into giving a true meaning to their creations. We decided to create Mayasi, an online African fashion shop  where you can buy African clothes  from talented african designers of African women fashion and African men fashion.

The name and the logo

Mayasi is a name from Congo, in the heart of Africa, a region at the source of the River Nile, which gave birth to all civilisation. Our logo has been inspired from the ghanean adinkra “Woforo dua pa a” , which is a symbol of  support, cooperation and encouragement.

Join us to support African Fashion

In Africa everything has a meaning. Everything speaks of spiritual values as God has given to each one of us the gift to name things. In Africa, patterns on African fabric like kente or ankara have the same value as words. Each pattern speaks of different things. For that reason each garment is unique.  As we like to say at Mayasi, African Designers saw a delicate poetry, utter tales in stitches.

Unique African clothes online

When you buy African clothes online on Mayasi.co.uk, you buy a unique, delicately handcrafted item. The designs we distribute are generally short series you find in a limited period of time. So don’t wait and buy now your favorite African fashion item!


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