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Tobi Martins

African fashion designers don’t lack heart. on the contrary, they have loads of desire to be useful to their local community.

We have recently heard of a charity campaign  promoted by Nigerian designer Oluwatobi Abisola, famous and revered creator of Prima Rouge, the classy label that brings African Fashion to  stratospheric levels. The brand has been growing internationaly with customers in the 5 continents. Alongside the engagement from Tobi Martins to developping an ethnic fashion using african fabric, Tobi Martins is deeply involved into the empowering women in Africa.

The Real Woman Foundation

Beauty for Ashed is an initiative of The Alpha Series (TAS), a new social enterprise created by Tobi Martins in support of The Real Woman Foundation. Founded by Nike Adeyemi who is an advocate against domestic violence and abuse, The Real Woman Foundation has gained international recognition for their work to fight abuse agains women in all their forms. They provides shelter and rehabilitation for abused women and the orphaned children through their many programmes. Among others we can mention these ones:

Peace Villa Rehabilitation Centre: a centre to help sexually abused ladies and former commercial sex workers within the ages of 13 & 25 years. This is meant to give them another opportunity to be healed, empowered and live a normal life.

Love Home Orphanage: a centre catering for abused and abandoned children. All the children who are of school age attend private schools and are progressing with their learning.  The older children in the orphanage are also learning vocational skills such as bead making, barbing, photography, hair dressing, make-up artistry and baking which can also help them in the future.

Beauty for Ashes
Beauty for Ashes is an event organised by The Alpha Series. A new collection will be release intitled Beauty For Ashes. 50% of each sale will be given to the charity The Real Women Foundation.

We can only contratulate such initiatives as abuse agains women is a real problem in African. According to Advocate for Youth, a US organization,
violence against women is a widespread problem in sub-Saharan Africa. Surveys conducted in sub-Saharan Africa reveal that:

  • 46% of Ugandan women, 60% of Tanzanian women, 42% of Kenyan women, and 40% of Zambian women report regular physical abuse.
  • In a Nigerian survey, 81% of married women report being verbally or physically abused by their husbands. Forty-six% report being abused in the presence of their children.

Not to mention places like East Congo where rape has been used for the past 10 years as  weapon of war.

We can only congratulate such initiatives as abuse can only be condemned. Respect of Women is essential to build a strong and harmonious society

Please bring your support to this initiative. if you know any charity that carries the same action, please let us know. Joining efforts makes the task easier.

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