Father’s Day round the corner

This year, Father’s day takes place on the 21st of June.

My business partner and friend Magib and I have recently turned fathers. Our lovely wives gave us beautiful children, by the glory of God. This has really changed our perspective in life I will have to say. Before you called someone father, and now you have someone who also calls you father. There is great joy and responsibility into bringing up children. In between all the nappy changes and cries in the middle of the night, come the simple joy of holding your child.

I think of my Dad in a very special way now, not just the father figure, but the man also, who inspires me in many ways.
I for example think about his dressing style. All who know him know that he always dresses well, never overdoes it but makes sure he’s always classy.
We design our own personal style sometimes from the people that inspire us. For example the waistcoats we designed in Senegal using local mandjak fabric are something I can see him wear.
or the shirts from Cameroon, are products I can see him wear. I can see myself wearing them too… in my own way of course.


If you are thinking of a present to offer your Dad, or the father of your children, have a look at Mayasi’s new Men’s collection, designed by Men for Men and inspired by Africa. Check out at http://mayasi.co.uk/en/12-men
Set Had and Scarf

Set Hat and Scarf in Mandjak Fabric

Handmade bow-tie in African Fabric

Handmade bow-tie in African Fabric

Father's day special Waistcoat in Mandjak fabric

Father’s day special Waistcoat in Mandjak fabric

Scarf in Mandjak Fabric

All seasons Scarf in Mandjak Fabric

Father'sday Waistcoat

Stylish Waistcoat n Mandjak Fabric


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