Fikirte Addis

Fikirte Addis, Ethiopian Designer

Fikirte Addis is an African Designer from Ethiopa. Currently based in Addis Ababa, she created her own label, Yefikir Design, in 2009. Yefikir Designs creates luxurious ready to wear  and tailor made clothing inspired by Ethiopian culture.

Designing used to be her hobby.She used to sketch during her part time at high school. Now the hobby turned into a full time profession in which she distinguishes herself by using typical ethiopian fabrics used in a very modern way,  bringing ethiopian tradition to the modern tastes. Her objective: bringing traditional ethiopian fabric into the everyday life, making african fashion clothes confortable at every time of the day. Her contritbution to the african fashiion industry has enabled to world discover ethiopian fabrics which are now exported around the world.

Introduction video to Yefikir Designs

A designer to follow very closely !


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